Shipping and Payments Instructions

Shipping and Payments Instructions


First of all, when you place an order in our shop, only “Precious Cactus” will appear on your bank statement. We chose our payment gateway according to 2 factors : confidentiality and security. All transactions are 256 bit encrypted and very secure. Our site is hacker safe and payments are processed via our worldwide trusted third party payment processor Paydollar. At no time can we see or store your credit card details.

Different payment solutions are available during the checkout process, if your preferred method isn’t listed and you really want to use another payment method contact us and we will proceed together.

Credit/Debit cards:

If you have trouble doing the payment it probably means that your card doesn’t accept international payment, the solution is easy :
Contact your bank and ask them to enable international payments.
It will be done within minutes.
If your card is already enabled but you still get error messages, it can be solved by contacting your bank and inform them that you are the one making a purchase.
After doing that the payment should go through without any issue.


Transferring money from your bank account is accepted. There are several international companies offering cheap international bank transfers, saving you money on ribald service fees that your own bank might normally charge for it.


Put the money in a sturdy envelope, make sure it is correctly stamped or franked, and send it to our adress below. Make sure that you don’t put any coins in the envelope. Hide it a little bit with some sheets of paper in order that the cash won’t be visible through the envelope.
Note that we will ship your order as soon as we receive the full order amount.
Shipping always remains at your own risk. We recommend you to send as registered airmail to be able to track the enveloppe.
Lastly, for us to match your payment to your order in a timely fashion, include a note with your name and order number and do not forget your adress or a contact email.

Send your envelope to the following address:

Suwana Sripirommit
PO Box 7
Takua-Pa, Phangnga 82111

Please note we accept cash in those currencies: US dollars ($), australian dollars, new-zealand dollars, canadian dollars, euros (€), pounds sterling (£), japanese yens.

Here are the main we accept, just contact us to check if our bank accept to change your currency.

As soon as we receive your payment we will process your order as soon as possible and notify you with a payment confirmation via email.

We also accept:

-Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies
-Paypal friend and family
-International bank transfer

More solutions will be added soon, contact us if your preferred payment method isn’t listed here.

Please do not forget to add your name and your order number to your transfer, don’t need to mention the description of your order for security reason of both of us.


We ship worldwide from Thailand via priority airmail or e-Paquet. Average delivery time is 2-3 weeks but it depends on the post to respect this time frame.

All plants will be sent bare roots without sand or soil, we will prepare your plants with the best care in order that they arrive to your home as healthy as they were when we put them in the box.

Lophophora williamsii seeds will be sent in a really discreet and secure package to be sure no one will intercept your future peyote plants. We guarantee our shipping about peyote seeds, you don’t get it we refund (if you take a tracking number), that’s it. Note that while we guarantee that you will receive it, we can’t guarantee when you receive it. It all depends on postal service and ETA may vary, some delay can occur due to their service. Thanks for your understanding.

Contact us when you receive your shipment, we hide the seeds so well that some customers can’t find it at first sight. I won’t explain here the way we proceed but if you can’t find your peyote seeds we will tell you where they are hidden in the package.

NOTE: Dear Californians, as we noticed that most of the problems with customs or agriculture departments occur in your beautiful state of Calfornia, we can’t be responsible anymore for any package that is seized by customs or department of agriculture. Seeds is still no problem and we guarantee our shipping if you take the tracking number but the cactus plants package is not guaranteed anymore. Thank you for kind understanding.

Dear Canadians, your post service is one of the lowest we have to deal with and also doesn’t track international parcels. That means that when we send your package, you can track it in the thailandpost website until Bangkok airport, then for no reasons your postal service doesn’t follow and update status. You have to know that before you order here. Same in Australia, but australian post seems to be faster but still no tracking.

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