Aloe vera plant- Minimum 20cm high


The plants come from our own farm. They are thai aloe vera kind. We use this plant personnaly and always have a cutting ready on the fridge in case. Plant shown is for sample and all plants can't be same.

Why we use it? Thais people believes in the healing benefits of this amazing plant, it is natural, safe and free. (When you own one!)

Gel from inside aloe vera leaves is used as a first aid treatment for burns, herbal remedies, food supplements, and in cosmetics.

The main benefits are:
-Dry and sunburded skin is quickly cooled when pure aloe is applied on it.
-The anti-inflammatory properties help with resolving and treating acne, applied everyday it will also help keep acne scars and redness at bay.
-Improves Digestion.
-Aides in Weight Loss.
-Removes Toxins.
-Great for Blood Pressure
And more.

We will send the plant bare-rooted with the best care, it usually takes 2-3 weeks to reach its new home. It is extremely resistant so it will arrive healthy.

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