3 L.W cactus plants 3 to 4 cm diameter with phytosanitary document


Buy 3 healthy mature peyote cactus button 3 to 4 cm diameter.

Phytosanitary documents will be added to this order for free, some countries need this document to be sure it will go through customs safely.

Variety is unknown due to the loss of the labels on those plants. 

This plants are already mature, so they bloom with a beautiful flower and also after that can produce a fruit with some seeds (if nature decides to do so). Those specimen are from different varieties of lophophora williamsii peyote. 

We will send your Lophophora Williamsii with the best care and as discreetly as possible. It will be sent bare rooted by airmail registered with tracking number.

Average delivery is about 2-3 weeks for USA and almost everywhere in the world.

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