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We are personally using this product for years with great results. Works like a charm against spider mites and other cactus killers. This Starkle G powder will help to protect, care and reinforce your beloved cactus.

Product details of Starkle-G:

Insecticide, ant repellent, beetle repellent, aphid repellent, root absorption.

Selectable size:

1. Size: 100 grams, sachet
2. Size 250 grams, sachet
3. Size 500 grams, sachet
4. Size 1 kg grams, sachet

Really easy-to-use insecticide. Just mix it with your soil or sprinkle it around the base of the plant.
It will help prevent insects from eating and destroying your precious plants for months.

Active substance :

dinotefuran (dinotefuran) 1% GR Substance group : Neonicotinoid [Group 4A]

Properties :

– Absorbed insecticide For padding the bottom of the hole or sprinkling around the base of the plant.
– Appearance is ruby-colored sand (Magenta) coated with dinote furan. which is in the neo-nicotinoid group (Neonicotinoid) found in tobacco in general.
– Very low toxicity to humans Mammals, birds, fish and the environment.
– Absorbed into the root system can prevent insects hiding on plants and underground as well.
– effective control effect and get rid of insects for a long time
– Prevent and kill insects on the soil such as red melon beetles and prevent and eliminate underground insects such as ants, termites, ground beetles, soil burrs, etc.
– Get rid of sucking mouth insects that are carriers of various diseases Excellent for: Vegetables, especially exported vegetables and common ornamental plants, rates and methods of use:
– Place the bottom of the hole or sprinkle around the base of the tree: rate 2 grams per plant/planting hole.
– Sprinkle around the base of the tree for trees planted in the ground: 50 g per 1 meter tall tree


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