Pereskiopsis spathulata-10 cm Graft Stock


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The solution for a cactus to grow faster is grafting, Pereskiopsis is well know for it speed grows, grafting Lophophora on a pereskiopsis will significantly speed up its growth. This solution can be applied to all Peyote families and other cactus such as : Aztekium, Astrophytum, Ariocarpus, Obregonia and other slow growing cactus.


Pereskiopsis Spathulata is a specie that is most commonly used to performing cactus seedling grafts, It roots very readily and can withstand both frequent and infrequent watering.The average temperature that is happy with is 12C (55F). It have tropical features unlike many other cacti, with their affection towards regular watering and humidity. So do not be afraid of watering yours.

Grafting Technique:

You will find all you need to know about grafting your Peyote or your other beloved cactus here. soon)

Care and Cultivation:

Pereskiopsis spathulata it is easy to take care, these cacti should be watered well in summer with much less to nothing in winter. A mix between cacti and normal potting mix is best. It like warm and moist conditions.

Careful about the tiny thorn. You have to removed them before they goes deep into your skin. Else it is quite painful. Or wear gloves.

We will send you a 10cm cutting plant that is the ideal size to get a perfect graft. It will be sent by normal airmail and arrive in 3 weeks on average

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