Lophophora variety mini Fricii Cristata Grafted on Hylocereus


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Lophophora mini Fricii cristata, also called: “monstrose, dichotomous…” It is a mutation of the Lophophora during their growth. The origin of the mutation is unknown.

It can take many different shapes and appear in a very rare cases.

It is slower growing than other peyote varieties. It may due to the mutation.

We propose this unique graft from our different mutated plants (most of them mutated from our mini fricii, an lophophora Fricii hybrid).

You can have a look on the product picture to see how is looking.

Phytosanitary documents will be added to this order for free, some countries need this document to be sure it will go through customs safely.

How to graft a mature peyote?

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