L. Fricii 3 different habitats


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You can choose 3 different lophophora Fricii seeds varieties from our list here.
Add your choice on the “Special instructions for seller” window, just after you press the BUY button.

If you forget to tell us your choice at that time, you still can email us or contact us via Facebook after the sale, just tell us your order number or name used to order and tell us about your choice.

If you don’t make a choice and don’t answer our mail within 48h, we will add from what we have available in stock.

Please note that we may change you seeds choice according to available stock. The rare seeds with higher price cannot be added to this mix.

Please contact us if you not sure.

How to germinate your peyote seeds?
Watch our videos on our youtube channel to get the best germination rate for your lophophora Fricii seeds:

Video part 1- https://bit.ly/39elVyM
Video part 2- https://bit.ly/2V0qmFb

And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to get more videos soon here: https://bit.ly/39jV7x6


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