L.Fricii Variegata


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Lophophora variegation results mostly with yellow or white stripes, patches and spots.

We have plants with a very yellow colored variegation.

Healthy mature peyote button, about 2.5cm diameter.

It will be sent with best care, bare roots by E-packet, registered with tracking number.

Average delivery time is 3 weeks depending on post of course.

In order to have your cactus go through customs, a phytosanitary document may be necessary, depending on your country laws. Please check if this document is required and if so, contact us to discuss if this document is possible to make for your country.

How to make your own soil for mature lophophoras?

Check our video: https://bit.ly/39iY8hk

How to repot my cactus when it arrives home?

Watch that video with step by step instuctions: https://bit.ly/3mMkY7e

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