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The area around Mirando City has grown the peyote cactus in many counties such as:  WebbZapataJim Hogg, Big Bend  and Starr where it has the only commercial range of peyote cactus in the U.S.  The”Peyoteros” (name given to the peyote harvester) have legally harvested peyotes from all of these states for the NAC (Native American Church) in the United States (for religious ceremonies), for over a hundred years.

One of them was Mr Mauro Morales, he used to run a peyote business in Rio Grande City. A city in the state of Starr county in southern Texas. Mr Morales was one of the three people licensed to legally sell peyote. Now, due to the endangered species and population decreasing the business slowing down and also with more restriction with the law.

This lophophora variety is similar than other Texas form, very strong, it can support high and low temperature and can acclimate well to almost anywhere in the world.

We had the chance to get a few plants from someone who got them more than 30 years before when it was still possible to trade lophophoras. The seeds germination rate is really high and the cactus is very easy to grow.

We will send your seeds with the best care and well hidden, average delivery takes 3 weeks.

How to germinate your peyote seeds?
Watch our videos on our youtube channel to get the best germination rate for your lophophora williamsii seeds:

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Video part 2- https://bit.ly/2V0qmFb

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