L.Fricii Cristata


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Lophophora Fricii cristata, also called: “monstrose, dichotomous…” It is a mutation of the Lophophora during their growth. The origin of the mutation is unknown.

It can take many different shapes and appear in a very rare cases.

It is slower growing than other peyote varieties. It may due to the mutation.

We propose fresh seeds from our different mutation plants (most of them mutated from our yatagai crestata and Ooibo). Please note that you are not sure at all to get mutated buttons from those seeds, but it can enhance the peyote babies to mutate like the parents.

We will send our Lophophora Fricii seeds freshly harvested with the best care.

How to germinate your peyote seeds?
Watch our videos on our youtube channel to get the best germination rate for your lophophora williamsii seeds:

Video part 1- https://bit.ly/39elVyM
Video part 2- https://bit.ly/2V0qmFb

And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel to get more videos soon here: https://bit.ly/39jV7x6

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