Hylocereus “Dragon Fruit” Cutting 10 to 15 cm high


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Hylocereus is a cactus that produce beautiful looking dragon egg fruits. It’s also very delicious, and its tiny black seeds make it crispy. Full of Vitamin C, very good for our metabolism.

This cactus is so useful in many ways: You can craft your lophophoras or astrophytums on it, you can eat its delicious fruits or you can keep it as ornament indoor, it is very beautiful and it is very easy to grow.

Dragon Fruit Types:

The name dragon fruit is used to refer to several types of cacti that produce edible fruits. Mostly grown species are:

  • Hylocereus undatus (white fleshed fruit)
  • Hylocereus costaricensis (red fleshed fruit). Also known as H. polyrhizus. 
  • Hylocereus megalanthus (yellow skin and white flesh)

At Precious Cactus, we will offer you the best quality dragon fruit seeds. The one that has the most delicious fruits is the one originated Vietnam from all we had tried. It is organic grown in Thailand in our farm.

How To Care Dragon Fruit:

Like other cactus, you can use a simple mix soil with pumice and sand. It is a climbing plant so you can use for creeping up trees, roots, fences, or walls seeking sunlight.

Watering only when your soil it’s dry and then spray some water again.

NOTE: During your checkout,  you can add a note to your order about is it for graft your cactus or for grow and eat the fruits later. Because we have different types of stock and we will guide you on which one it is better for each purposes.

We will send your Dragon Fruit cutting plants with the best care.

Average delivery 2-3 weeks

Contact us if you need more info

Check our videos here to know more about your favorite cactus: https://bit.ly/39jV7x6

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