Germination Kit #2 (with soil)


Our precious cactus special seedling kit is perfect to start your own peyote nursery. This germination kit will highly increase your germination rate and give you the best results. It is contain all that you need to make your germination successful as much as possible.

You should see the lophophora babies appear just few days after.

Our germination kit has been tested for many years and prove it profitability. 

For this kit we also test many different soils and this one gave us the best result. So we decide to include in this new version.


– 20 seeds of your choice. ( please add a note to your order and tell us which seeds you choose that available on our list and note that Lophophora Williamsii La perdida Caestipiosa, Jourdaniana, Texas big bend, Starr county, alberto vojtechii, las coloradas, koehresii san fransisco cannot be chosen for the kit).

– Precious Cactus special germination soil

– A small container that is perfect to get the required humidity level for your seeds to sprout.

– Vitamin B1 to help the babies at early age.

– Fungicide to kill bacteria and fungus and to prevent mold to appear.

–  1 Label for cactus.

I will join you a PDF with your order of seedling kit to explain to you step by step.



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