Liquid insecticide 100cc for cactus Anti spider mite, Scale insects


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Bio-insecticide, formula 1, absorbent type. It is very efficient at eliminating mollusk aphids. It works well with cactus, succulents and all kinds of plants.

The difference within this product and starkle are: It is a liquide solution so it can be apply direct on the insect and eggs to kills them.

Increase the efficiency of fertilizers.
Kills aphids, mealybugs, worms and insect eggs.

Suppresses insect molting.
does not damage the skin of the plant does not cause burns
Makes the skin look shiny.

Usage rate for cactus:
– Spray to prevent insects 1 cc per 1 liter of water.
– Get rid of insects during the epidemic 3-5 cc per 1 liter of water stump
– Vegetables of all kinds at the rate of 10-20 cc per 20 liters of water.

How to use:
1-2 cc each per 1 liter of water
Spray as much as you want, recommend 7-10 days per time or as often as you want. (wait for your soil to be completely dry to make sure you are not over watering)



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