peyote seeds

peyote seeds

The best and most affordable way to start your own peyote nursery is to grow your lophophora from seeds. That is the way I started 15 years ago.

You can buy them here here or you can get them from your own plant. For that purpose you will need a lophophora but 2 of them is better. First you will wait that your precious cactus bloom at the same time if you have 2 of them. Normally the fruit will come after the flower with any cactus. If it comes from 1 cactus you will get 3 to 10 seeds no more. But there is a way to get more seeds. When your 2 lophophora bloom get a small brush or a cotton bud  and take some pollen from one and add that pollen to the flower of the second cactus. And do it again from N2 to N1. Then your both lophophora are pollinated and nature will know produce more seeds in the coming fruit. I ever had 25-30 seeds in a single fruit.

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