Peyote germination kit

 How to germinate peyote seeds? And any kind of cactus!

Due to many requests from all our growers worldwide we decided to make things more easy for you by making our own . First we thought of something suitable for any kind of climate and season of the year,and also something easy that can be used for everyone who want to start growing their own cactus at home. Whatever the season, even during winter when it is cold outside you still can enjoy having your little lophophoras growing under light in a room that is at about 20-25C during the day, a kitchen, a bathroom can be fine.

With our germination kit, you will be able to grow any cactus, anywhere and any times with good results.

We had tried different manners of growing cactus, different soils and several vitamins and supplements suitable for cactus and we finally conclude that this solution is the most efficient and simple.

So after many attempts during the years we are proud to present you a quality product that will allow you to get the best germination rate. Not only you will have the best seeds in the market, you will also have the best conditions to grow them.

Here We Go! You Will See How Easy it is!

First of all, take every tool that you need around to be ready, and clean your hands:


1. small container provided (clean)

2*. Soil Seeding kit (1 bag per seeding kit) or you can use normal soil ground also.

3. Prepare the bag of seeds to use.

4. Vitamins B1 (1 plastic bag)

5. Fungus and disease prevention (in the plastic bag)

6. Tag labels for seeds description.

7. Prepare other accessories such as an empty glass + tap water or rain water + scissors or cutter + marker pen and a straw to mix your liquid. 


1. Pour the water into the Seedling kit, as far as the first border.

2. Pour the Fungus and disease prevention liquid inside the water 

3. Add the vitamin B1 (in the plastic zip bag) to the water

4. Mix the ingredients together. Until the sediment is dissolved well into the water.

5. Pour the water mixture into any container or glass.

 6. Pour your soil into the provided little container.
** (if you take our soil there is 1 bag per kit so pour your soil until the first border in your small container, it will be enough)

7. Take another container cup (or any container or glass) to make your soil more compact. But not too much.

8. Pour the water mixture on the soil to approximately the top of the container. 

9. Wait for the final liquid to impregnate into the soil inside the container. In this step a spoon can be used to speed the process.

10. Now you have to remove the excess water use another cup (or other container or glass).
The soil must be moist without excess water. 

11. Soil must stay humid after pouring out the water. Breeders may clean the edges of the cups further.
** It shouldn’t be more wet than in the picture. Do not add anymore liquid because it will be too humid and can cause the seeds to rot.

12. Drop the seeds on the surface of the soil but do not bury them, keep enough space between them like 1 cm.


13. Write the details such the seeds name, specie, seeds number, date of nursery, tag with marker pen.



Here is our latest results with the kit, seeds here are 2 weeks old.


Frequently Asked Questions :

– How long does it take for the babies to sprout out ? 

Usually 4 to 15 days it depends on many different factor like seeds species, temperature, soil, light. But most of the the times it will sprout within 2-3 weeks.

– Can I open it after one week ? 

I advise you not to open it and wait for at least 2 to 3 month before opening your container.

– How many seeds maximum can I put inside ? 

Our container Kit is suitable for 40 seeds. 

– What kind of soil should I mix ? 

I advise you to use normal ground from a nursery or sterilized cactus soil and do not add anything else.

– When do I know it is time for them to breath and for me to open the Kit ? 

We cannot tell exactly but you have to observe after few months when they will big enough. 

What can you do after few months when your babies are big enough ?

– We will open the cap first time when all the seeds germinated almost completely like half of centimeter or a bit more.

– Afterwards, you can use our favorite toppings such as gravel, sprinkle after opening the container to help them keep straight.
– Blend B1 and spray again.

– Wait Until the size of the plantation to grow a half-inch size. If your soil is to dry you can spray some water.

– Do not open the lid frequently. This will cause the plants disturbed and the environment . And is another factor that slows growth.

-Little peyote have to keep their green color. Brown or purple is mean too much sun, become yellow after a nice green color can be too much humidity and not enough sun.


IMPORTANT NOTE REMINDER : You can put your kit under a neon or small light INDOOR to enjoy it anywhere and anytime with any cactus plant you desire to grow. Just for the beginning they need only 2-3 hours sunlight. 

Now you know everything on how to germinate peyote seeds.

Enjoy Your Seedling KIT !!

From my personal experience I can tell that it is very Fun and Addictive and very Rewarding to do it and see these babies growing 🙂 


 *Available upon request

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