How to pay with crypto?

At Precious Cactus we really support cryptocurrencies. It is safe, discreet, and fast.

We accept:

-Bitcoin Cash

If your favorite coin is not on the list, let us know we may consider adding it.

But How to proceed with payment?

If you are a total beginner in crypto payment, let me tell you that it is easier than you expect. You just have to select the crypto payment during the checkout and follow the instructions.

What is a wallet and how to create one?

A wallet will allow you to buy bitcoin and make payments or transfer money to another bitcoin address.
There are many options of wallet providers, most of them are FREE and some are easier to use than others.

Let make a wallet with one of the easiest wallets:-Simply click on

-Click on Get started
-Follow the registration process
-Buy Bitcoin or the crypto you prefer with your credit card (Don’t need to buy a lot, just to cover the cost of your order)
-Go to your order and follow the instructions

Now you will be able to shop online fast and in a discreet way.
Millions of companies are now accepting cryptocurrencies because of their convenience, and the number grows every day.
You can use your credit card to fulfill your wallet before making a purchase and nobody will know what you bought.

If you have any trouble just email us at

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