Gymnocalcium Baldianum Red Flower


The genus Gymocalycium is composed of some 50 species of perennial and globular cacti. Native to Argentina, it is also found in rocky thickets, and grasslands of Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Most of the Gymocalycium are globular to spherical in shape and have protruding, sometimes spiral, ribs. These ribs are separated by diagonal grooves.

Gymocalycium baldianum, is a small globular cactus 7 cm in diameter. Its body is bright green brilliant, composed of twelve ribs bearing areolas with 7 white or gray spines. In spring or early summer, bright red flowers usually two to five centimeters high appear at the top of the plant. The flowering little exceptionally be pink or white.

Culture conditions
First, unlike the majority of cacti, it does not tolerate full direct sun, give it a shaded space but very bright. A well-drained mineral substrate that may contain some limestone is needed.

The substrate must be poor and very draining. The container should be shallow for the following earthy mix proportions: 1/3 river sand, 1/3 old potting soil, 1/3 garden soil.

Do not neglect the gravel bed on the surface of the mixture to prevent upwelling that can cause rot of the plant.

Watch out for watering! Gymocalycium baldianum fears stagnant moisture like all cacti! The waterings will be careful during the growing season: once a week is more than enough if watering is generous. Add a little fertilizer once a month in the summer. The supply of water and fertilizer will be suspended in winter.

In the spring when all risk of frost is removed, you can leave the plant in the garden in a sheltered and bright place but without direct sun.

Healthy mature button. About 3 cm diameter. Will send your cactus with the best care, bare rooted by airmail registered with tracking number.

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