Peyote cactus in Thailand. Astrophytum, lophophora, ariocarpus and many more.

Posted by Patrick Hijos-Calvo on

A few shots of the day we spent on June 9th at the "cactus and succulent fair event". Peyote cactus were present here and also a huge number of beautiful specimen from other species as well, so we had to go there and have a look and say hello to some friends there. We couldn't have our stand here that day, too busy lately we missed the opportunity. We had a wonderful day with all the friendly sellers, we had a really good time  with some old friends and also met other new fantastic people there. Beautiful plants everywhere, ariocarpus, lophophora williamsii, lophophora diffusa, astrophytum, succulents and many more. I was willing to add a lot of them to our own farm, but lack of space was the main things that refrained us. Just another little damper to buy more lophophoras is that they don't label the lophophoras varieties as we do in our website, unfortunately we can't know exactly the real name and locality of the cactus here, if the lophophoras are texensis, huizache, decipiens or whatever is a mystery. Not such a big problem there are still such lovely plant and specimen to own.

Peyote cactus lophophora williamsiivar texana, texensis, spinal cactii Lophophora wiliamsii crested crestata monster lophophora variegata variageted Old Aztekium riteri Ariocarpus

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