lophophora and the winter

Posted by Patrick Hijos-Calvo on

As winter is coming I recommend to all lophophoras lovers living in areas with cold winter not to let your cactus outside during this season. They are not supposed to bear very cold temperature and they may freeze and die.
You have 2 solutions.
You can keep your lophophora dormant. It will then stop growing during its dormant period, save up its energy. It can wake up with more vigorous energy and also can stimulate flower production. Keep them in a place without light that is about 45-50°F or 10°C, do not water them during the dormancy.
You can also keep them indoor. They will also be fine in a room that has enough light, can be natural or artificial light, a temperature about 70°F or 20°C. You can water it and bring it back outside in spring when temperature get warmer and light get stronger.
About growing seeds, it is not possible to grow your seeds outside during winter. It is too cold and they won’t grow. But the good news is that they will grow fine in a room with a temperature around 75°F or 25°C. Just follow the instructions on our site and your babies may be ready to go out for the coming spring.

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