How to get peyote seeds?

Posted by Patrick Hijos-Calvo on

Of course you can buy them, but you can also get peyote seeds from your own plants. Lophophora will naturally produce a fruit containing seeds after its flower stops blooming, so never put out a dry flower.
It can take a few days to 1 month or more for the fruit to come, sometimes it never comes, nature decides to make it happen or not.
The fruit usually contains 5-10 seeds and if cross-pollinated, the number can increase to 20 or more seeds. 
The cross-pollination process is made naturally when a bee comes to get some pollen from one lophophora then goes to another lophophora (have to be a different specie) looking for more pollen and at this stage the bee transfers the pollen from one plant to another one. 
This process can make a change in the dna of the future plant and new species can come to life if the seeds germinate and a little peyote comes to life. 
On top of that the process also increases the number of seeds that will be on the fruit, if it shows up! To be sure that this process happens and if no bees come to your lophophoras just use a small brush. Gently take the pollen from one plant and transfer it to the other plant, do again the opposite (same process from cactus 2 to cactus 1).
In my example I used 2 peyote cactus flowering the same day. A diffusa and a koheresii.

I did the cross pollination method on july 5th.

On august 1st a fruit started to appear on the diffusa then 2 days after on the alberto, they were all white which kind of surprised me. Usually, the fruit is pink not white.

I waited a few days and harvested the fruit when it started to dry a little bit and keep the seeds in a sheet of paper. Got 40 seeds from that small 3cm peyote cactus so I am not disappointed.


Next step will be the germination of those seeds but this will be in a few days. I first let them rest 1-2 days, will clean them and will show you a new method to have the best germination rate as possible. But enough for today, I wait for the second fruit of the alberto (which is really huge) to dry a little then I will show you how many seeds I got from this one. See you soon for part 2!

Thanks for reading my fellow peyote growers worldwide!