About Us

About Us

Lophophora williamsii and other precious cactus, not only peyote plants, is endangered due to harvesting abuse and the fact that large sections of their habitat are uprooted to make room for new grazing land. We are willing to establish a conservation program and we need help. You can be part of this project by taking care of your own peyote plants or better by growing your own lophophora from seeds. I do care about cactus for 20 years and have my own nursery, you can do it also at home.

Not such big space is required to grow some plants. That is the way we started, we ordered peyote seeds and now have many different, beautiful specimens. It is such a pleasure to care about them and to learn every day how to protect them, this is what we want to share: our knowledge and the opportunity to save endangered species.

Contact: Janya Norasan

Email: info@precious-cactus.com

Company registration number: 1101500100932

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